Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Break

Hi parents,

I hope you are having an excellent Easter break with your family and utilising the great run of weather we are experiencing. I've had so many great waves in the past week! All my friends back in Perth are very jealous...

During our interviews, I mentioned I was going to get the children to plan a narrative ready for week 1, Term 2. I have decided against that, as we will do this as a class when we come back to school.

In regards to some NAPLAN preparation, I have set a number of tasks on Studyladder for the children to complete. These tasks are not compulsory but your child will benefit from having a go at some of them. As Studyladder is a free subscription, they will only be able to complete a maximum of 3 tasks per day. Perfect excuse to get them back outside and playing again.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a great Easter.

Mr. Jones