Sunday, 2 April 2017

Term 1 - Week 10

Hi parents,

Well, what a great weekend! Lots of sun and lots of surf! If you managed to get down to the surfing on Saturday, you would have been treated to a pretty good show. Final week of the term! I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone…

“I need vitamin sea”, anonymous

Year 3 will be presenting the 7th, 8th and 9th Stations on Wednesday at 9:00am. All the children have been given their roles, as I am sure they have already told you. I am hoping that the majority of the children will be able to organise a costume between now and then. Please let me know if you will require assistance with this matter.

Below is a link for some ideas for the children’s costumes. I would consider these to be very good examples of what is required. A bed sheet wrapped like a toga and a piece of rope will suffice.

There are 4 students who are soldiers. Their costumes will be made at school. If you had a sword or whip to go with the costume, that would be great.

All children will wear their sports uniform underneath their costumes on the day.

The following tasks should be completed each night:

1.    Reading (readers) - 10mins
2.     UNIT 10: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of mental maths. (Day 5 will be completed on Friday during class) please note that your child may complete more than 1 day on any night, however, it is necessary that you mark their work with them once completed.
3. Times Tables: (x 4, x 5)

The following tasks are only required to be completed once:

1.    Physical activity (includes team or club sport, dancing etc) - 15mins
2.    Teach your parents something you were taught at school.
3.    Housework – Organise costume for Stations of the Cross (Wednesday, 9:00am).
When a task has been completed, your child is required to tick it off in the diary.

This week, we will be continuing with fractions.

Enjoy the week,

Mr. Jones