Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Personal Items

Hi Parents,

Just a quick post regarding a couple of issues.

1. Pokemon cards
There appears to be a love of pokemon cards in Year 3, which is fantastic! However, we have had a few issues this year. I have instructed the children that if they have one more issue, they will banned from school. One of the main problems myself and other teachers have noticed, is the using of the cards whilst the children are eating their food. I have told them that they are only allowed to use the cards once they have been excused from the eating area. Could you please have a chat with your child about the boundaries that have been set. I would also encourage the children to leave any cards, that are of greater value, at home.

2. Homework Folders
There are still some children that don't have a homework folder. It makes life a lot easier if the children have a folder that travels to and from school each day. In this folder, you would be able to find their diary, reader, mental maths and spelling journal / LSCWC pad.

That is all for now, enjoy the rest of the week.

Mr Jones