Friday, 21 July 2017

Tree Planting - Wednesday 26th

Good Afternoon

The Year 3 and 4 classes have been lucky enough to be selected to undertake a tree planting afternoon next Wednesday.  This tree planting is being conducted in conjunction with GeoCatch and is part of the "Peppies for Possums" project which is designed to increase habitat suitable for native animals including the ring-tail possums in the area.

The area to be planted is behind the Year 3 classroom, next to the Sloan Drive Staff Carpark.  GeoCatch officer Nicole Lincoln will begin the session with a presentation on the project.  Spades/trowels will be provided as will disposable gloves, but if your child has gardening gloves and rubber boots, please bring them (it may be a bit muddy!).

Not only does this provide the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at OLC, it also provides an opportunity to learn something new about our native plants and animals.  If any parents would like to come along and learn something new about the "Peppies for Possums" project, please join us from 1:30 pm Wednesday.

Looking forward to a great afternoon.
Sean McSevich and Nick Jones