Friday, 26 May 2017

Design Hub

With NAPLAN and the Sacrament of Reconciliation behind us, Year 3 are now looking for donations to stock our Design Hub. The Design Hub is a place where the students will nurture their curiosity and creativity to solve hands-on problems.

To fill our Design Hub with suitable materials, we require each family to be on the look out for the following or similar items:

·      Cardboard: boxes, sheets, tubes, toilet rolls
·      Paper: construction, wrapping, patterned, tissue, bags, cups, plates, newspaper, magazines, cards, envelopes, cardstock
·      Wood: popsicle sticks, skewers, wood scraps, dowels, toothpicks,  
·      Metals: broken parts of household items, hardware, paper fasteners, pipe cleaners, foil, craft wire
·      Plastic: straws, bowls, lids, containers, stir sticks,
·      Small hard items: rice, beans, pasta, buttons, beads,
·      Small soft items: cotton balls, pom poms
·      Fabric: scraps, socks, felt, ribbon, netting, mesh,
·      Other: craft foam, Styrofoam shapes, stuffing, feathers, elastic bands, clamps, string, wool, rope
·      Adhesive: glue, masking tape, clear tape, electrical tape, duct tape
I will have tubs ready on Monday to separate the different materials. I don’t expect any of you to go and purchase anything as I am hoping we will have many items (which would normally go into our recycling bins) at our disposal.
Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Mr Jones